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Island Tutorial

Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2011 7:12 pm
by hectorp
Hi everyone,
just started with SBuilder and followed the island tutorial step by step. At the end, no island. It is obvious that I am missing something. I have FS9, FUIPC and everything needed as per the tutorial.
I believe the problem is with textures. At the end I have the following in Scenery Addon directory:
1. Project Island folder with subfolders Scenery and Texture. In the Scenery subfolder I have two bgl files: Island_LWM2 and Island_VTPL. The Texture subdirectory is empty.
2. LandClass folder with only Scenery subfolder with the LD_8645.bgl file
3. Cellgrid2004a folder with subfolders Scenery and Texture. The Scenery subfolder contains the MyTutorial.bgl file while the Texture subfolder contains 10 bmp files showing cells from 00-00 to 99-99 plus one green.bmp and another red.bmp files.
I really would appreciate any help.