Please help SBuilder for fs9

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Please help SBuilder for fs9

Post by sandog » Sat Oct 07, 2017 5:02 am

First thank you for such a great program!
I am having a problem with making VTP Photo Scenery for fs2004.

I will list the process I am using to make the scenery.
Please help point out any mistakes or
any advise tricks, tips, etc this is very much appreciated!

1st, Use SBuiderx313 and go get a map file size about 140 mb file size with the GEOGRAPHIC txt file.
2nd, Go to Sbuilder for fs9 make new project name and select map choose the map I just made in SBuiderx313 it reads my text
file for calibration.
3rd, Select Photo and make sure 13 lod is selected pick all boxes with complete photo under box.
4th, Select all (green boxes) photo tiles and boxes turn yellow.
5th, Select BGL Compilation make sure VTP Photo and make Bimaps is selected and press compile.
6th, Find the new BGL file and Bitmap textures in the SBuilderFS9/tools/work folder
7th, Place BGL file in a active scenery and Bitmap images in a texture folder
Example: KJFK/scenery (this has Bgl) /texture (this has bitmaps)
So far I have only sucessfully added 4 photo tiles to the sim thats it.
The Problem I am having is I try to add more photo scenery to that same area but the new scenery does not show up or crashes the sim.
The file sizes are same about 42.7 kb for bitmaps while bgls vary.
I have been able to use these steps to add scenery at only one airport in the sim but only one area.
Let me explain ,I started one airport and tested if I could start another aera and it does not show up even if it is under another
complete scenery folder that is active.
Any ideas what I am doing wrong or need to do to complete a area or add more areas? :?:

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Re: Please help SBuilder for fs9

Post by luisfeliztirado » Sat Oct 07, 2017 9:51 am


You seem to be doing everything right. It is not really clear why your scenery is not displaying in game.

I have very little memory of FS 2004 and its scenery so could not provide good troubleshooting. Could you please indicate the size of the projects? From what I remember, each project must cover at least 4 tiles' worth in order to display; this was a limitation of FS 2004.

Best regards.

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Re: Please help SBuilder for fs9

Post by sandog » Sat Oct 07, 2017 12:23 pm


Thank you for your reply.
"map file size about 140 mb in size"
Indeed I am using at least 4 tiles and in the manual it says .........
" Note 1: your bitmap should cover at least one LOD13 square (one Area)."
I have tired to select the same LOD of detail the image was captured in say 16 lod then I even tired 16 lod which does not work.
I think it maybe something with windows 7 64 .Even though, I am not getting no errors messages .
What I plan I doing is building a computer with windows xp 32 bit and see if that solves this strange issue.
I bet people think I am crazy for even using fs2004 still. Although, the clouds look so real compared to all sims I use in any flight sim and I have all out there to date.
so fs2004 to me with all the addons still is my favorite sim.

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Re: Please help SBuilder for fs9

Post by sandog » Wed Oct 11, 2017 3:38 am

Well I just installed windows xp on another computer with Sbuilder for fs9 and same result.
When I create scenery and texture for photo scenery in Sbuilder Fs2004 crashes when I load that area...?
I wish someone could help me I don't know what to do now..???

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