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older image views

Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:42 pm
by jyarddog
Is there a way or in the future a way to choose earlier satellite images? A friend of mine I work with likes to redo AFB and Navy bases circa 50'-60'-70's. The only way I know is to use Google Earth and use the time slider which takes you abke about to '95 or so in many cases. These are saved images.

The only way to use these is to save the image from Google Earth and change it to a bmp then add map from disk. but then you hve to calibrate it which i have extreme trouble in doing. I can't ever calibrate it right- always looks skewed!!!

Thie above is my understanding so far in this matter. When using Google.dll or VE.dll what images are we getting? i.e. how recent are they? Bob