SCASM issues with SBuilderX

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SCASM issues with SBuilderX

Post by Bell206freak » Fri Feb 15, 2019 11:10 pm

Hi all. Perhaps there's a cure for this ailment I'm experiencing.

Years ago I developed a scenery package for FS2004, specifically for Hovercontrol users. Since the site is dead now and I've got back into Flight simming, I thought I'd revisit that scenery package and redevelop it for FSX.

I've been using a combination of Airport Design Editor and SBuilderX to do the job and so far things are looking pretty great. However, I've ran into an issue. When trying to use the object placement tool in SBuilder, things go relatively great. That is, until I select the Rwy12 object libraries. Under the category "Lars ExtraObjects" I try to place some vehicles to populate a parking lot at one of the Mount St. Helens visitor centers I'm doing. When I use that particular category, vehicle placement works okay (although for some reason it reverts back to the "Jetways S. Ansari" category), and when I make sure everything is ready for export, I receive a SCASM error log, which I've quoted as follows:
Error in line 37
-> LibraryObject( 46.32775997 -122.48961342 0.000 1 0
-> parameter expected!
Error in line 40
-> LibraryObject( 46.32740122 -122.49152444 0.000 1 0
-> parameter expected!
Error in line 43
-> LibraryObject( 46.32746024 -122.49151183 0.000 1 0
-> parameter expected!
Error in line 46
-> LibraryObject( 46.32721683 -122.49118264 0.000 1 0
-> parameter expected!
Error in line 49
-> LibraryObject( 46.32716251 -122.49120109 0.000 1 0
-> parameter expected!
Error in line 52
-> LibraryObject( 46.32732277 -122.49115157 0.000 1 0
-> parameter expected!
Error in line 55
-> LibraryObject( 46.32727114 -122.49116905 0.000 1 0
-> parameter expected!
Scasm compilation status: error(s) 7
What could cause this error log? And why am I getting it? I've made sure (to the best of my ability) to make sure all object libraries are in their right place, but I don't get why I am getting it. I want to add a bit of a variety to the vehicles I've added so the parking lots don't look like I've had to clone vehicles from existing libraries (and have multiples), which IMO looks unrealistic.

Any suggestions for this fix? I hope to have it uploaded to AVSIM soon.


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Re: SCASM issues with SBuilderX

Post by GaryGB » Sun Mar 03, 2019 5:03 pm

Hi Steve:

Original "Extra Objects Library v1.0 Lars Hoyer" are legacy format API macros placed via SCASM. ... ScanMode=1

IIUC, SCASM errors are due to a API legacy 'library' format BGL used via {RWY12} mode

API legacy format has an adverse impact on FSX run time performance, and is deprecated in FSX

SBuilderX {RWY12} tab placement mode uses a 'type' of FS9 / FSX / P3D 'BGLComp XML' method.

However, you can instead download: ... &Go=Search

Use these "EZ Scenery format" 'BGLComp XML' library objects via SBuilderX {Lib Objects} tab.

Hope this helps ! :)


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