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Problem with roads glitching/disappearing

Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2014 11:20 pm
by BraselC5048
I'm (still) working on updating a fs2004 airport for FSX, and my current problem is that some roads that border the airport keep, well, disappearing, and gliching from being visible to not. It often occurs when the aircraft moves that whole sections disappear. The pictures at the bottom should illustrate the problem.

The problem is confined to two areas, both near the airport taxiways. It's a complex scenery in that the roads are in a file two layers below the update, and the layer in between has the actual airport in it, as well as a layer that removes the roads where they are under the airport. I "think" I removed all of the flattens I didn't put there. Around these locations, I've noticed that the aircraft shadow sometimes is cut off along an invisible line, almost as if there are two ground surfaces, and the shadow is moving under the top one.

Additionally, the problem has been, in the past, fixed by using a flatten at the problem area, and indeed one, if not both, of the locations have an elevation change even after a flatten was used. There are separate flattens for the airport itself and the roads, although both are at an identical elevation. The flattens do not overlap at one of the problem areas, under the roads anyway, at least as far as I can tell, although they do overlap between the roads and the airport taxiways. Overlapping the flattens in an attempt to fix any elevation issues between them did nothing. Both the airport's flatten and the road's flatten are in separate .bgl's, and there's only one flatten polygon for each. Both flattens are at the exact same elevation as the airport runways itself. It worked properly in a previous set of .bgl's, but once I corrected the airport's flatten's elevation to match the correct elevation of the airport, it stopped working.

Any idea what the problem is, and what to do about it? I'm stumped.