The airport of Funchal has unique characteristics with its runway built on a platform over the sea. You can test several operation procedures using Madeira Islands scenery and access your ability in, for example, making a night approach to runway 05 following a sequence of 17 flashing lights curved along the shore, starting at "Gelo" and ending at "Rosário"

The islands that form the Madeira archipelago have been modelled in what is technically referred to as "LOD 10" terrain model (level of detail = 10). This means that altitude points are defined in a grid of about 38 by 38 meters. This model was built from official DTED2 data supplied by the Portuguese's Army Geographic Institute - IGeoE. Aerial photographs were used in the most important parts of the islands around the 2 airports.

Porto Santo Airport, LLPS, with its 3000 meters runway and its modern installations is prepared to receive most type of aircraft, small or large. Therefore, you can not miss the opportunity of paying a visit to this beautiful atlantic island if it is the case that you have never been there. The sandy beach is within 1 km of the airport and its calm waters really invite you to swim!

With Portugal Terrain you can enjoy beautiful landscapes as the ones shown in the following pictures.